Play Bingo on your TV!

The fact that the internet is absolutely packed full of terrific bingo sites, online gaming venues, places to shop and millions more of the stuff we love means that we literally have anything we could ever want at the click of a mouse.  But technology trumped itself, and the introduction of better and better mobile devices meant that you could start to enjoy all of this straight from your mobile phone, too.  With the mega technological advances of the past few years even bringing some of the internet smack bang on your TV via things like the Nintendo Wii, it seemed like only a matter of time before the world of online bingo hit your screen.  Well, ladies and gentlemen, it looks like that time is closer than ever!

It will probably come as no surprise to you that the people spearheading this idea is Apple!  Dubbed the “iPanel”, Apple have reported that they are trying to create a TV set that will bring the world “much more than just TV” – we would expect nothing less from Apple!  It is said to launch later in 2012 and will be a mega mash up of a gaming centre, TV hub, computer AND internet.

Initially Apple had wanted to name this amazing feat of technology the iTV, however British readers will know that we already have a TV channel named ITV and they are not likely to give up the rights to this name anytime soon.  So Apple changed the name but kept the concept, so not only could you use some of the greatest technology the world has ever seen to watch your fave TV programmes, you could also browse the web.  This of course means that you could soon be playing your favourite online bingo games straight from your telly!

Though we recognise that this is an amazing feat of technology from the company who has consistently brought us incredible things, how much difference will this really bring you online bingo fans?  Sure the thought of playing bingo on your TV may sound ultra-cool and would probably be an extremely nice novelty, but surely using your remote or whatever swanky piece of equipment that Apple are likely to create will prove a lot harder than just clicking your mouse?  Yes a biger screen will be impressive and you can recline in your fave chair to play but you can do this via your laptop, anyway!  Also – how many of you love to sit down to watch your soaps on your telly whilst you play your fave free bingo games and chat about the latest episode of Eastenders to your bingo pals?  Is Apple going to create a split screen effect so that you can browse the internet AND catch your soaps?  Only time will tell!